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Pervious to light stone, marble stone tablet in architectural space in the artistic effect


Dortmund XueHuaShi series through special process of pervious to light stone and workers to master the art of wisdom crystallization formed in artificial pervious to light stone manufacture a series of dot pattern of different size, shape, texture and iconicity also vary, with not only improves the overall place in male with places of noble, elegant, modern and fashionable breath, more because of its sizes on the surface of the decorative pattern to make the space more show the quiet, the whole atmosphere of the sleek, compensate for modern people to the exhaustion of the busy city and volume, the pervious to light stone, marble stone tablets in the position in modern decoration is more and more outstanding, widely favored by decoration company and the owner. Its application extensive wai is also widely accepted by the masses go to a corner of the earth in their. Such as:
Pervious to light stone application in the family bathroom, pervious to light stone sink Pervious to light stone, pervious to light stone columns in outdoor applications

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