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The characteristics and the matters needing attention when using pervious to light stone


Pervious to light marble is a kind of high-grade decorative materials, has been widely used in domestic and international building decoration industry. This product is wide wide, long length, high strength, no radiation, variety specification is complete, the weight is about 1/4 of natural stone after installation, is the most ideal replace natural stone material, is popular with unconventional speed decoration engineering, the size is the most fashionable decoration materials in the modern construction industry.
1, light weight (compared with natural stone), high hardness, resistance to oil dirty corrosion resistance. Plate deformation, fire anti-aging, no radiation, penetration resistance, etc., according to the customer's demand random bending, seamless bonding, really reach the state itself.
2, good performance, high strength, anti-aging, bibulous rate is low, no pollution, no radiation, convenient installation is not easy to broken, is the green environmental protection building materials.
3, pervious to light stone is a kind of high-grade ACTS the role of material, the unique characteristics of glittering and translucent connect fully, with gorgeous and pleasing to the eye of diversified colour, plane of the boring will form of three-dimensional visual art ably, all kinds of decorative pattern such as flowing, elegant, bright and beautiful, beautiful, constant, have transparent pervious to light texture.
4, has the elegant luxury of natural marble pattern and the grade of modern art styles, wide width and length is long, high strength, no radiation, variety specification is complete, with the natural texture of marble, jade and solid quality of a material, and no wool stoma, rich colors, easy do, quick processing, after installation weight about 1/4 of natural stone, can significantly reduce the building self-respect, installation is simple construction of a clean and tidy environment, and have more advantages than natural stone. Belong to the green environmental protection building materials, is the most fashionable decoration materials in the construction industry today.
For the convenience of pervious to light stone cleaning, ensure a long service life, we should pay attention to the following:
▼ : when surface stains and dirt, wash with soap or detergent containing ammonia water to wipe with dry cloth.
▼ : such as surface mark, scratch and burns, use 1000 # can restore the original surface gloss.
▼ : to prevent the heavy object on the pervious to light stone for long, deep pervious to light stone solid, durable, but after a long time will also make it bent.
▼ : for horizontal installation, such as ceiling), the single block size should be 0.5 square meters the following, if there are special circumstances should be back around the size of the compression or upset pervious to light stone, moreover is contact factory technical department, so as to avoid deformation after installation.
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